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Questions and answers

What is my car’s model year?

You can find your vehicle’s year from the VIN (vehicle identification number).The eighth digit from the right end will be the model year of your vehicle. Use the following guide to figure out the year of your car:

Years 1980 through 2000:
A – 1980, B – 1981, C – 1982, D – 1983, E – 1984
F – 1985, G – 1986, H – 1987, J – 1988, K – 1989
L – 1990, M – 1991, N – 1992, P – 1993, R – 1994
S – 1995, T – 1996, V – 1997, W – 1998, X – 1999, Y – 2000

Years 2001 through 2009:
1 – 2001, 2 – 2002, 3 – 2003, 4 – 2004, 5 – 2005
6 – 2006, 7 – 2007, 8 – 2008, 9 – 2009

Years 2010 through 2017:
A – 2010, B – 2011, C – 2012, D – 2013
E – 2014, F – 2015, G – 2016, H – 2017

What is OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, is a manufactured product or component, like a replacement auto body part, made by the original manufacturer of the part. For example, if you are purchasing a Mercedes OEM bumper, it will be a bumper that is originally made by Mercedes. Ready Car Parts carries a wide variety of OEM parts from a variety of manufacturers.

What is CAPA?

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What is priority mail express?

Certified Automotive Parts Association, or CAPA, is a non-profit organization that tests the quality and suitability of automotive parts to encourage competition in the marketplace. Parts, which are CAPA certified, will have the CAPA seal next to their description throughout our Ready Car Parts website.

What parts are available for painting and what are the costs?

We can paint every car’s bumpers, fenders, hoods, doors, radiator supports and mirrors. Please allow up to 10-15 business days for our team of experts to complete the painting service and the parts to be delivered to you. For more detailed information, please contact us via our Live Chat or 503-567-1184

How can I find the exact color of my car?

To find the Paint code of your vehicle, you can take a look at the Compliance / Manufacturer’s / Identification Plate, which should be somewhere on your automobile. It is roughly the size of a credit card, and the Paint code is referred to as “Paint” or “Ext. Color”. Find out how to locate that code here.

Can I return my order?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, Ready Car Parts will accept returns of non-painted parts within 21 days after the date of purchase for you to receive an exchange or refund. Shipping charges are non-refundable. If the return is because of our error, the restocking fee will be waived.

We do not accept returns on painted parts from our painting service. Sorry, no exceptions.

If an error is made and a product is listed at an incorrect price, we maintain the right to refund or cancel orders placed at the incorrect price.

Please contact us for any questions or for our complete return policy.

How do I check the status of my order?

Simply click on Order Tracking at the top of our webpage. Please note that you can track your order only through our online form and cannot be done over the phone. Fill out the form and don’t miss any fields marked with *.

Do you accept check, money order as payment options?

We accept check and money order (paying these two ways will grant you a 5% discount) as payment options. We accept payments from the major credit card companies Visa and MasterCard. You also pay with Debit cards and business checks.