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High Quality Automotive Touch Up Paint
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Car paint touch up kits and car spray paint to fix and restore your car paint.

Ready Car Paints offers affordable high-quality paints for all your car paint problems like scratched paint, scuffs, and paint chips. We guarantee to match 100% the OEM color code of your car. We offer paints for all makes, models, as well as custom orders.

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DIY Car paint repairs with Ready Car Paints is affordable

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1. Easy car paint repair process

Our car paint touch up kits and car spray paint are simple to use. No previous experiences needed it to fix like a pro.

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2. Fast and Free Shipping

All orders processed and shipped in one business day. Enjoy the best online purchase experience.

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3. Specialized customer service

Receive support and guidance from professionals in the auto body and car paint repairs industry.

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4. Saves a lot of money

Simple paint touch-up or paint scratch repair at the body shop can range from $125 to $400. You can do it yourself for much less than that.

Car Spray Paint

Now you can fix any scratch paint on your car with confidence.



Guaranteed our car paint touch up paint will match the same color of your car.


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You can fix your car paint from your home saving a lot of money without sacrificing the quality of paint repair. With our car touch up paint repair kit you can fix stone chips in as little as 15 to 30 minutes from start to finish. Skip the auto body shop and bring back your car paint to a like-new condition.

How-to guides for DIY paint touch ups and car spray repairs

Knowing precisely what’s needed to be done will give you the confidence to fix your car paint. That’s why Ready Car Paints has created an extensive how-to guide explaining the do’s and don’ts of fixing your car paint. Our 20 years of experience in the auto body shop and car paint repair business has helped us develop this complete guide. Learn from the experts about the art of auto body repair with advice through digital media.

Car Paint Touch Up Kits

Our simple-to-use car paint touch up kit has all the supplies and materials you need to repair those small paint scratches and chips. We guarantee our car paint touch up paint will match the same color of your car. Every kit comes with simple instructions on how to use it. Ready Car Paint also created a large how-to guide and resource to support you from start to finish. You don’t need to take your car to the body shop to restore your car paint. Use our online tool to find the OEM color code of your car and order your auto touch up kit today!


Car Spray Paint

For large paint repair jobs, our car spray paints are ideal. Our car spray paint guarantees the perfect flow of paint for a smooth application, avoiding drips and mistakes at the moment of painting your car. We match your car color, and we only offer premium-quality paint manufactured in the USA. Additionally, we offer our spray primer and spray clear coat for a durable car paint repair and a glossy finish. All our primer spray and clear coat are compatible with any base color paint that you need. If you need help along the way, we are most willing to offer your support from experts in the auto body shop industry. Now you can fix any scratch paint on your car with confidence.

About Ready Car Paints

Those minor cosmetic imperfections on your car paint like scratches and stone chips will cause major loss of the resale value of your auto. They are also hard to ignore creating an unpleasant look to your car.

Taking your car to the body shop could be expensive and it may not necessarily fit your budget. You will also be without your vehicle for a couple of days. Ready Car Paints believe that every car owner is capable of fixing their own car paint, preserving the car value and enjoying the look of flawless car paint.

Ready Car Paints provides affordable and simple-to-use DIY car spray paint and car touch up paint kit. Our proven car paint repair solutions are suitable for anyone and anywhere. Now you can order online your car repair kit or paint spray paint with the same quality of an auto body shop, but at a lower price.

Ready Car Paints offers free shipping to every part of Continental USA. Your order can be placed through our website ONLY via a simple process (PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT TAKE ORDERS OVER THE PHONE FOR SECURITY REASONS). After you order your selected paint, we will make sure to send it as fast as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at 503-567-1184 or through the Live Chat function of our website.

We hope you find our website helpful. You can place your order and receive many discounts, saving 40-70% off dealer prices. You will also receive a 5% off when you pay with a check or money order. We want to offer the best to our customers, that is why we will always strive to provide our services at reasonable prices. At Ready Car Paints, you will always get the best for your car. Whether that is auto body parts painted in the color that you want, or even our installing services for parts, we guarantee your satisfaction!

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Ready Car Paints is committed to helping you bring back your car paint condition that looks like new. We guarantee you the best online buying experience and customer satisfaction.


Check out our How-to-Videos Library to get the paint repair job done. Our goal is to help you make the process simple from finding your paint code, using our paint touch up kits or car paint spray to restore your car paint in an easy way.